ISRS SEMINARS – 28th January – Malka Margalit and Eyal Rosenstreich

The ISRS invites to the (online) ISRS Seminars organized 4 times a year.

Our first guests will be outstanding specialists Malka Margalit and Eyal Rosenstreich from Peres Academic Center  who will give a lecture on Loneliness and hope during childhood and adolescence: Personal and interpersonal perspectives

Malka Margalit, Ph.D is a professor and Dean of the school of behavioral sciences, Peres Academic Center, Professor emeritus, Tel-Aviv University.  Among others, she was the laureate of the Israeli prize 2017, for her research in education. Research interest: Loneliness, hope theory, social support and learning disorders.

Eyal Rosenstreich, Ph.D  is a senior lecturer and the head of the methodological studies. Research interests: Loneliness, mindfulness, false memory, conscious and unconscious memory processes.

The seminar will take place on 28th January at 3 pm of UK time. (Polish time: 4pm; Israeli time: 5pm; California time: 7am; Hong Kong: 11pm; Australia: 2am – we are sorry for that, our Australian friends!)

The seminar will be held on the MS Teams platform. If you want to participate, write to us at We will send you a link with access to the event.


Loneliness and hope are gaining a special significance during the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the social distancing international policy and the periodical lockdown.  Recent developmental studies and a comprehensive meta-analysis demonstrated the stability of inter-individual differences, and call  for a special awareness to the impacts of their social and emotional intra- and interpersonal antecedents, concomitants, and consequences (Beller & Wagner, In press; Mund et al, 2020; Mund, Freuding, et al., 2020).The significance of awareness to loneliness, hope and solitude in the early developmental stages will be demonstrated in the presentation through focusing on development of risks, resources and coping within contextual and cultural perspectives (George-Levi, Schmidt-Barad & Margalit, In press). Considering educational and interventional considerations, we shall propose future research and intervention directions.  


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