Call for book chapter contribution

Call for book chapter contribution – The lonely life of ethnic minority academics in the West (part of loneliness and solitude book series)

Ethnic minority academics constitute an important part of academic communities, and also play an irreplaceable role in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in higher education. Even though minority ethnic academics are currently under presented in higher education, it is believed that universities are keen to improve the portion of such staff. The purpose of this book is to explore the loneliness experience of these academics, in particular, at their different career stages, and also the impact of loneliness on their career suitability.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

• Lonely life working as academics
• Loneliness and isolation among BAME people
• The rise of loneliness among BAEM academics at different career stages
• The impact of loneliness on sustainability
• Factors contributing to loneliness, such as discrimination, racial inequality, culture and languages
• Mitigating and preventing loneliness

Editor: Christine O’Dea
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Deadline for expressing your interest: 31st Jan. 2022

I am currently looking for international contributors. If you are interested in contributing a chapter, please email me at

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